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JoyShot’s mind/body support compounds when taken consistently, making each day increasingly better and bringing you closer to homeostasis—that balanced state we’re always chasing.

Create your ritual by choosing flavor and size, and we'll ship JoyShot directly to your door.

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All of This—In That

More Than Energy

Powerhouse Adaptogens
Proven plant de-stressors for adaptability you can feel.

Smooth Energy
No crash or jitters—just silky, continuous energy.

Brainpower & Focus
Nootropics like L-Theanine to amplify your capacity to focus.

Energy, Plus+
A total well-being blend that improves your body's functions with time.

It’s Only Natural

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The 2oz bottle travels conveniently to wherever and whenever it serves you best. JoyShot’s yearlong shelf life and portability give it the adaptability to be with you on-the-go, everyday or as-needed.


Reduce cost and waste with our 16oz bottle. Suitable for your daily routine, our 16oz multi-serve (equivalent to 8 shots) is good for up to 10 days refrigerated after opening.