Hello, I’m Lila Joy

Joy is my middle name. At times, that fact has felt almost prophetic; living with and imparting joy has become a core personal philosophy. However, being human in this modern world can be demanding, and sometimes we need a little extra support to steady our mood and discover delight. I made JoyShot to be just that support.


Discovering Joy

My joy-seeking journey began in 2018. I had just graduated from college and landed a job on the trading floor of a Manhattan bank. Everything felt up-and-up until a year later when my father very suddenly passed away. Heartbroken and distressed, I had little time to grieve. The stress of keeping up with “daily life”—waking up early, exercising, working, maintaining a social life, networking, seeing family, even walking my dog–left me completely burned out.

Then, Covid hit. 

Those of us who were lucky enough to work from home and hold onto our jobs did, but pressure to perform only increased. My health began to decline. Test after test yielded no medical diagnosis. I relied on coffee and antidepressants to get me through the day. Later I would learn that the excess of both had created a surplus in my system and causing more harm than good.

The time came for me to approach the healing I needed to do from a different direction.

I finally decided to put myself first. I quit my job to minimize stress and began to pore over research. What I found changed the way I thought about health forever. 

I learned that nature produces compounds that mitigate the body’s stress response and increase energy–at the same time. Though many cultures have known this for centuries, knowledge and use among Americans was uncommon—I was mesmerized.

It was then I saw the wheel didn’t need reinventing–just a little rejiggering, and that’s when JoyShot was born. Each bottle contains an easy-to-drink elixir, precisely dosed for maximum efficacy, that imparts energy while protecting the body from the negative effects of stress—to support you now and well into the future.

The arc of my story is not unique, but led me here: To JoyShot, and to the belief that we all deserve a little support, a lot of balance, and even more joy. 

Here's to a life well lived!


To help people find joy in the moment and the confidence and capacity they need to take on their day—each and every day.


Super. Natural.
Our elixirs were designed to deliver all-natural energy via nootropics and adaptogens derived from herbs, mushrooms, and more. Ancient remedies made for modern consumption, JoyShot takes the very best from nature and serves it up in an ultra-new, super-convenient form.

More Than Energy
JoyShot’s formula provides an array of benefits that extend well beyond energy. From cognitive improvement to mood boosts to re-regulating our body’s functions, the gains from JoyShot are many.

Ease & Grace
Adaptogens and nootropics give you the zeal you need to “do life” with ease and grace. Increasingly productive and healthier, you'll have not only more energy but also more room for the things you love.

Planet-First Approach

Our glass bottle is infinitely recyclable with no material degradation. 

Our plastic cap (critical for shelf life) is fully recyclable and uses as little plastic as possible.

Our cardboard mailer is fully recyclable and purposely excludes additional inserts or manuals for a smaller footprint.

Our bottles are hot-filled to guarantee a one-year shelf life, which makes for less product waste.


We Are Meant to Leave the World More Beautiful Than We Found It

As a company, we strive to leave this place and time a little more balanced, a little more cared for, a little more full.