Fatigue, You're Officially on Notice

JoyShot delivers smooth, all-day energy that boosts aliveness in the moment and supports well-being over time. Our proprietary blend unites adaptogens with 6 essential vitamins and caffeine, giving you the capacity and confidence to live a more joy-filled life.

Made for Life.

Modern Wellness

Simply good. A complex daily wellness ritual made as simple as possible. And, our packaging is 100% recyclable; responsibly dispose of our bottles almost anywhere.

Smooth Energy

JoyShot's proprietary blend delivers energy without the jitters. It’s dosed to be smooth, not to startle. 

Balanced Mood

When we say smooth, we mean it. Energy without the jitters means you'll feel exactly like yourself, only better. 

Enhanced Focus

Most energy drinks focus on one thing: Energy. JoyShot’s formula delivers energy plus (+) calm and focus, so you can put your newfound drive to good use. 

Inside-Out Wellness

JoyShot’s mind/body support compounds when taken consistently, making each day increasingly better and bringing you closer to homeostasis—that balanced state we’re always chasing.

Vegan    Gluten-Free     Preservative-Free   

Our Flavors

Mango Yuzu

Citrusy and uplifting, Mango Yuzu is a burst of sunshine with a touch of effervescence to brighten your day.

Cocoa Vanilla

Rich and creamy, Cocoa Vanilla is a dark cocoa elixir (think, chocolate milk) with a touch of cayenne to light a spark in you.

Get More, Waste Less

Our 16oz 2-pack (the equivalent of 16 shots) will save you money and leave a smaller footprint.

Game Changer

Shaking my excessive coffee habit was life-changing. Now I take a JoyShot late morning before I feel any lull in my day. Personally, I like the chocolate flavor because it’s very grounding and not too sweet. No crash or jitters in the afternoon is a game changer. 

Jeffrey Einsidler, NY
Regional Sales Director, Casamigos

On-The-Go Godsend

As someone who works in finance, JoyShot is a godsend for me. I love to take it on my way into the office when I haven't had time to stop for my usual coffee or around 2 PM once my morning coffee starts to wear off. The caffeine dose is perfect in that it perks me up for a busy afternoon but doesn't keep me up at night.

Taylor McCulley, NY
Strategy and Analytics, Riverside

Smooth Second Wind

It was a long week and I was feeling burnt out but I had tickets to a concert that night. When I got to my friend's house she handed me a JoyShot. I was skeptical but, wow. 30 minutes afterward I felt my anxiety calm, my energy/mood elevate, and a whole second wind came on. The cocoa vanilla was suprising and delicious—a bit like mexican hot chocolate, a childhood favorite.

Diego Stahl, LA
Motion Graphics, Disney